Do You Forgive And Forget?

I want you to take a second and do something.

You have to be open and honest with yourself. Maybe even brutally honest.

Take some time and think about your life. Think about the people in your life. Relationships. Co-Workers. Family. Think about all of these people and ask yourself one question:

Do I Need to Forgive Anyone For Anything?

If you are like a most people, you have a couple of people (or more) in your life that you have fallen out for. Sometimes there are serious issues that can’t be forgotten. Sometimes people have done things that make forgiveness impossible.

Most of the time though – the issues in our lives are fairly simple. People fall out for somewhat silly reasons and the longer you take to forgive them, the harder it can get.

But Why Should I Forgive Them?

Good question.

Here is the thing, forgiveness isn’t about “them”, it is all about “you”. There are plenty of great reasons to forgive people and most of them benefit you more than the “forgivee”.

  • Forgiveness is good for your health. The Journal of Behavioral Medicine found forgiveness to be associated with lower heart rate and blood pressure as well as stress relief.
  • Forgiveness can help you sleep better
  • A lack of forgiveness can lead to rumination
  • Forgiveness can reduce the stress hormone: cortisol

Besides the purported health benefits, forgiveness can make your life less stressful, happier and much less complicated. Your relationships will be fuller – and dare I say it – your life will too.

If you are having trouble forgiving someone in your life:

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