The best life lessons you’ll ever learn will likely be from your role models.
You have the power to enrich other lives while you are enriching your own!

The ROLE MODEL Guidebook

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The life you deserve is within your reach. With guidance from the role models you choose, you can create the life you dream about. You can benefit in many ways from having role models to observe and emulate. You may even become a role model whom others can learn from as well.

Cultivate your positive traits and ponder what kind of role model you are or can become.

Topics include the following:

  • What is a Role Model?
  • Who Are Your Role Models?
  • Why It’s Important To Have Role Models
  • Reasons to Become a Role Model
  • Avoiding Negative Role Models
  • Characteristics of a Positive Role Model
  • What Kind of Role Model Are You?
  • How Being an Effective Role Model Brings Abundance

Having wonderful role models can make your life’s journey fascinating and insightful.
Serving as a role model for others can enhance your life fulfillment ten-fold.

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